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Food Safety Program

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Mobile Food Placarding Information

The Alameda County Mobile Food Program has begun posting Placards on all food trucks operating in Alameda County. Much like the Placarding Program for all fixed restaurants in Alameda County, each truck will be given an operational inspection, the outcome of which will be a Green (Pass), Yellow (Conditional Pass) or Red (Closed/Fail) Placard. The Placards are meant to give the public a snapshot of food safety practices so they can make informed decisions on where they choose to eat.

If you have any questions or feedback on this program, please email us at:

Please use the resources below to find more information on the Mobile Food Placarding Program.

Important Documents:

Our inspectors will be using this Official Inspection Form  (PDF - 301kb)* to inspect every food truck. Operators, please use it as a guide to help you avoid the violations in the left column, so you can earn a Green Placard when our inspectors see you in the field.

* Portable Document Format (PDF) file requires the free Adobe Reader.

Online Services
> Restaurant Inspection Results (map version)
> Restaurant and Mobile Food Facility Inspection Results (non map version and mobile device enabled)
> Submit a Foodborne Illness Complaint

*Requires the free Adobe Reader.
> Temporary Event Booth
Pre-inspection/Self Inspection Form
(PDF - 95kb)*
> Temporary Food Facility Permit or Catered Event Permit Application (PDF - 1mb)*
> Temporary Events Sponsor Application (PDF - 478kb)*
> Food Safety Certification Schedule and Registration: classes taught in English (PDF - 164kb)*
> Food Safety Certification Schedule and Registration: classes taught in Spanish (PDF - 308kb)*

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