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Local Oversight Program (Environmental Cleanup)

Local Oversight Program (LOP)
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Submit a Report

Alameda County Environmental Health (ACEH) and California State Water Resources Control Board both require electronic submission in lieu of paper submissions for LUFT and SLIC cases. Failure to submit to both agencies will delay your project. Electronic reporting eliminates the need for paper submissions. All public information requests, regulatory review and compliance / enforcement activities will rely on the electronic submission.

ACEH submission requirements:

This 2-page document explains the FTP process and what is required to submit your report. It is provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need the free Adobe Reader to view it.

If you are familiar with the process, you may upload a report (FTP) now.

California State Water Resources Control Board submission requirements:

All reports and documents must be uploaded to Geotracker. Instructions are posted on their website at

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