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Ranked-Choice Voting - Voting made easy.

What is it?

Ranked-Choice Voting (also known as instant runoff voting) allows voters to rank a first, second and third choice candidate for a single office. This makes it possible to elect local officials by majority vote without the need for a separate run-off election.

Starting in November 2010, voters in Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro will use Ranked-Choice Voting to elect most local officials. Ranked-Choice Voting does not affect the election of County, State and federal officials or the approval or rejection of ballot measures.

Does my vote still count if...

  • I vote for the same candidate three times?
  • Yes, your vote will only count once.
  • I only select one choice?
  • Yes.

Keep In Mind:

Your second choice will be counted only if your first choice candidate has been eliminated. Your third choice will be counted only if both your first choice and second choice candidates have been eliminated.

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This video explains how to mark your Ranked-Choice voting ballot and how the ballots are tallied.

Lauren Callahan, a journalist for the Oakland North, reports on how ranked-choice voting will change Oakland elections.

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