Type Regular
Established 2002-02-07
Authority Administration code Chapter 2.40.120 and Ordinance Code Title 17
Agency/Dept Community Development Agency
Location 224 W. Winton Ave, Rm. 111    Hayward CA  94542    QIC: 50701
Staff Person Maria Palmeri Work: (510) 670-5421
Term (Seats) Members shall be appointed to 4 year terms. Pursuant to the Board of Supervisors Operating Procedures, No appointee to a Board or Commission may serve more than twelve (12) consecutive years on such board or commission.
Meetings Second and Fourth Wednesday of each month.
Qualifications Three members must reside in the jurisdictional areas of the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), Fairview MAC, or Eden MAC, and two At-Large Members. Members shall not hold any other county office nor be a county employee. The Board has jurisdiction over all variances and conditional use permits except for those that the Board of Supervisors may from time to time determine to be under the jurisdiction of the Planning Commission and shall fill all other functions as defined by Title 17 and other sections of the Alameda County Ordinance Code.
Appointments Consists of five members. The Supervisor representing District 3 shall be entitled to nominate the member from the Eden Area Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) jurisdictional area and one At-Large member. The Supervisor representing District 4 shall be entitled to nominate the members from Castro Valley MAC jurisdictional area, and the Fairview MAC jurisdictional area and one At-Large member. Each member of the board shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Supervisors.