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Fundraising Subcommittee Workplan

Purpose: To identify opportunities and/or methods to raise funds to support the cultural, educational, and business activities and exchanges of the Association and to take the lead in implementing those fundraising efforts as approved by the Association. All members of the Sister County Committee, whether on this subcommittee or not, have fundraising responsibilities and will participate in the Association's efforts.

2000-01 Workplan

  1. Contact other similar associations and learn about their fundraising efforts.

  2. Compile a database (mailing and e-mail addresses) of Bay Area residents and businesses potentially interested in the Association. This list will serve as a mailing list for fundraising events and other solicitations.

  3. Develop a public membership program for the Association, including membership dues, to generate support and revenue for Association activities.

  4. Conduct a small fundraising event or solicit donations prior to the end of this calendar year (tax donation time).

  5. Use the Association web site as a place where members and other interested residents or businesses may inquire about upcoming activities, events, and visits, particularly fundraising activities.

  6. Review requests from other subcommittees and create an expenditure plan with priorities. Suggested expenditures include (not in priority order):
    a) Business Cards for Directors
    b) Gifts for visiting delegations (sweatshirts and wine with special labels)
    c) Food and entertainment for visiting delegations
    d) Cover travel expenditures for Directors on trade missions,
    e) Scholarships for exchange students
    f) Seed money for special events

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