Homelessness Solutions Summit 2018


The afternoon portion of the summit centered around a mini hackathon where participants were asked to "hack" solutions to homelessness. The participants were assigned to four solution areas. Within each of the solution areas, they selected a sub-group to work with.

  • Encampments
    • Trash and Illegal Dumping
    • Hygiene and Cleanliness
    • Assessment of encampment services
    • Safety and Security
  • Housing and Anti-Displacement
    • Maximizing usage of existing land and property
    • Creating a Housing Trust
    • Short/long term and permanent housing
    • Homelessness prevention: renter protections, flexible funding, etc.
  • Information Clearing House
    • Resource Availability (CBO, Government, Faith Based)
    • Collaboration, Coordination and Quality Control
    • Location, accessibility and engagement
    • Marketing and Communication
  • Regional Communication and Collaboration
    • Communication Protocol
    • Policies and guidelines for Regional Response
    • Coordinated response/policy to encampments
    • Governance and Accountability

Each sub-group was asked to "hack" solutions. The sub-groups were asked to use flipcharts and easles to create a 3 minute presentation of their ideas.

Visit our photo galleries to view photos of the flipcharts to see what they created and presented.