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Alameda County, CA,
Auditor-Controller Agency Tax Analysis Unit

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Auditor-Controller Agency - Tax Analysis

The Auditor-Controller's Office is responsible for applying the 1% general levy and applicable voter approved debt service rates to the related parcels, enrolling the fixed charges and/or special assessments onto the tax roll, and apportioning the tax collections to the various jurisdictions within the county. In addition to the property tax levy and apportionment process, the Auditor-Controller makes corrections to the roll as directed by the Assessor or Assessment Appeals Board, processes refunds resulting from these corrections and adjusts allocations as needed for annexations or detachments of boundary lines or jurisdictions. Contact Auditor-Controller - Tax Analysis.

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The Assessor is responsible for locating and identifying the ownership of more than 470,000 parcels of taxable real estate. He is responsible for placing an assessment on these real estate properties in accordance with Proposition 13. The Assessor also assesses over 58,000 business personal property accounts at market value as of January 1 each year. To learn more about any assessment questions, please go to the Assessor's website at: On this site you will find general information regarding the property assessment process and assessment information on specific properties.

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Treasurer-Tax Collector

The Treasurer - Tax Collector prepares and distributes tax bills, provides tax information, receives and applies payments to the correct accounts and reports this information to the Auditor-Controller's Office. The Tax Collector also may offer Tax-Defaulted property, (where the taxes remain unpaid for five years or more), for sale through a public auction. For more detailed information or to view or pay your property taxes, please go to the Treasurer - Tax Collector's Tax Collection website at

  • Fixed Charges
  • Special Assessments
Call the taxing agency. See Fixed Charges and/or Special Assessments Contact Information.