County of Alameda
Office of Melissa Wilk, Auditor-Controller/Clerk-Recorder
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Vision & Values

Vision Statement

The Auditor-Controller Agency provides superior protection of public resources and records through advancements in technology and the optimization of employees, and as such, is a model for other public organizations.


Accountability and protection of public resources and records are accomplished through optimization of technology, a thorough system of internal controls, accurate accounting and financial reporting.

Internal controls are continuously reviewed and updated to ensure public resources and records are utilized appropriately and as intended.

County resources will be spent, audited, reported and collected based on the expectations of the public in accordance with County policies and statutory regulations.

Official public records and information are available to the public in an expedited manner and are easily accessed through advances in customer service and technology.

Diversity of staff and ideas are valued in our work environment, and all customers and employees are treated with respect, courteousness and professionalism.

Staff development and advancement are supported through professional and cross-training opportunities, ongoing communication between staff and leadership, and recognition of staff efforts.