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The Oversight Board was created pursuant to the state law that dissolved the Alameda County Redevelopment Agency, along with all 400 redevelopment agencies in California, on February 1, 2012. That law, known as AB X1 26, required the County of Alameda (the "County"), as the Successor Agency to the Alameda County Redevelopment Agency ("Agency"), to create a new Oversight Board to oversee certain fiscal management of former Agency funds. In performing that function, the Oversight Board owes a fiduciary duty to the holders of enforceable obligations with the former Agency and to the taxing entities that are entitled to an allocation of property taxes. In addition to the Oversight's fiscal duties under state law, the Board of Supervisors delegated to the Oversight Board the ability to exercise approval authority, in place of the former Agency for two active Agency projects: the Ashland Youth Center Project and the Castro Valley Streetscape Project.

On January 10, 2012, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors adopted a Resolution to authorize the County of Alameda, through the Community Development Agency, to serve as both the Successor Agency and Successor Housing Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency of the County of Alameda. State law requires the County as Successor Agency to create an Oversight Board, to oversee certain fiscal management of former Agency assets other than affordable housing assets, and to exercise approval authority in redevelopment project areas where this control was exercised by the former Redevelopment Agency.


Oversight Board

Member Representing
Supervisor Nate Miley
Alameda County Representative
Supervisor Wilma Chan
Vice Chair
Special District Representative
Vacant Community Representative
Lucy Romo Employee Representative
Kelly Morariu City of Hayward Representative
John Barbieri School District Representative
Lorenzo LeGaspi Community College Representative