Homelessness Solutions Summit 2018

The next 10 years in Alameda County, job growth is expected to increase by a projected 67,809 jobs, Forecasters state that we must build an additional 56,508 housing units in order to meet the housing demand. All Economists' forecast that based on current building trends, Alameda County will not be able to build even enough Market Rate housing units to meet our demand for housing!

On February 22, 2018, a historic summit was convened bringing together County and City officials, policy makers, advocates, and the homeless themselves in Alameda County. They spent the day discussing solutions to homelessness and recognizing that we’re all in this together even though we have separate and distinct jurisdictional responsibilities.

Today, the population of Alameda County is... 1,654,469
The total number of housing units is... 575,000

In 10 years, the projected population of Alameda County will be... 1,801,912
The projected number of housing units will be... 623,000

All economic forecasters agree that in all 9 Bay Area Counties we are currently not scheduled to build enough Market Rate, Workforce, or Affordable housing according to current projections.

Based on forecasted population increases, complications with the permitting process, lack of a skilled workforce, access to capital, and the rising cost of construction we are at the point where we must take an "all of the above" approach to addressing our housing crisis, including maximizing existing buildings, implementing innovative land use strategies and engaging in a collaborative regional approach.

To learn more about the summit and current data on homelessness, explore this site using the tabs above.