Albert Lopez
Planning Director

Current Development Projects

Pending Projects

The review process for all development applications includes an analysis of the proposal and public notification. The Current Planning Division, reviews development projects, conducts environmental review of projects, and administers the Zoning Ordinance. Current planning projects include residential, industrial and commercial projects that are currently being reviewed for conformance with local, state and federal requirements.

  • The Mosaic Project - 17015 Cull Canyon Road, PLN2020-00093
    To allow construction and operation of an outdoor recreation facility, including camping cabins, shower/restroom facilities, a multi-use building, and an agricultural caretaker dwelling located at 17015 Cull Canyon Road, unincorporated area of Castro Valley.

Ongoing Land Use Projects

The following is a listing of major projects that have been approved by the County and are subject to ongoing review to ensure their compliance with conditions of approval imposed by the decision making body approving their application.

  • Surface Mining Permits:
    • The Neighborhood Preservation and Sustainability Department manages the review and permitting of new and existing surface mines in Alameda County. Click here for information on surface mining permits, reclamation plans, proposed amendments, and environmental documents.
    • Eliot Quarry (SMP-23) Reclamation Plan Amendment Project
  • Wind Turbine Projects
    • The Planning Department reviews Conditional Use Permits and environmental review documents (prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act - CEQA) for wind energy development in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area (APWRA). The Department also manages a Technical Advisory Committee that reviews reports and polices for protection of avian and bat species in the APWRA. Click here for more information.

Environmental Impact Reports and Negative Declarations