Application to Serve on Sunol CAC

Board of Supervisors Redefining Terms Resolution - Resolution R-2013-467

Board of Supervisors Reorganization Resolution - Resolution 2009-498

Board of Supervisors Establishment and Appointment of Members Resolution - Resolution R-89-455

Sunol CAC 2021 Meeting Calendar (1/20/2021)

Sunol CAC Members

Sunol CAC Rules and Procedures

Planning Department Documents:

Alameda County Planning Department Website

East County Area Plan

Little Valley Specific Plan

Sunol Downtown Planning Designation

Council Approved Letters/Proclamations/Resolutions:

Comment Letter to Caltrans regarding the Arroyo de la Laguna Bridge Project Draft Environmental Impact Report (9/16/2021)

Letter to Caltrans regarding response to Sunol Citizens' Advisory Council Public Records Disclosure Act request for information on projects in Sunol (6/21/2021)

Letter to Caltrans regarding CEQA Scoping of Arroyo de la Laguna bridge (9/24/2018)

SCAC Letter to Caltrans regarding Projects in Sunol (3/8/21)

Letter to Our Community Regarding Diversity and Inclusion (7/15/2020)

National Preparedness Month (9/16/2020)

Sunol Community Improvement Fund Application (2017)

Council Initiated Studies/Surveys/Questionnaires:

Green Waste Survey (10/15/2014)

Inform Sunol Traffic Study (9/18/2018)

Sunol Downtown Revitalization Plan

Sunol Phase 1 Wastewater Feasibilty