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Risk Management Unit, a part of the CAO

Special Event Insurance

What is Special Event Insurance?

Special event insurance provides liability protection for organizations, individuals, clubs, and religious groups that host activities in County facilities on a single or recurring basis. Some events held outdoors in the unincorporated areas, such as parades, may also be eligible for coverage through this program. These programs include liability coverage and legal defense for claims of negligence brought on to the party holding the Event. Liquor liability coverage is available for an additional premium.

  • Not all events will be approved for coverage. Events that are classified as Hazardous II and III require underwriter approval before being conducted. Examples of events that require underwriter approval are: block parties, comedy shows, dances, parades, parties with alcohol etc.
  • Before an event can be held an Application must be completed and a Certificate of Insurance Issued to the Event Holder. Application forms will be made available during the space reservation process.

County Buildings/Rooms available for rent:

  • Conference Center located at 125 12th St. 3RD Floor Oakland, CA. to inquire about renting space at the Conference Center please contact Debbie Woods at 510-208-4958.
  • Veteran Memorial Buildings, all inquiries and questions should be directed to:
    • Albany Veterans Memorial Building: Alicia Ramos-Banales (510) 525-9316
    • San Leandro Veterans Memorial Building: Ron Galvan (510) 352-3785
    • Hayward Veterans Memorial Building: Alfredo Rodriguez (510) 582-9757
    • Fremont Veterans Memorial Building: Bernie Remoaldo (510) 790-2853

For more information on this program, please contact Kimberly Stokes, Risk Coordinator, 510-272-6920 or tie-line 2-6920.